ES Cosmetics USA Incorporated is a privately-owned manufacturer of skincare products and consumer packaged goods. Established circa 2013 in China, ES Cosmetics was initially created as an OEM/ODM solution for established brands. The company entered the skin care industry by becoming the R&D and manufacturing muscle for some of the world’s most prolific high-end cosmetic and skin care brands. We have always stood for premium standards, consistency and quality control. Today, ES Cosmetics is one of the largest manufacturers of premium facial sheet masks, with our maximum production capacity reaching just over 7 million units per day.

In 2017, we established our domestic headquarters in New York and we strive to establish the ES Cosmetics brand as a perennial force in the global skin care industry. We plan to introduce new cutting-edge technology and age-defying innovations for consumers of all ages, skin types and ethnicities. Our company constantly works to create and develop new products to ensure our consumers that our products are the best that the skin care industry has to offer. We are dedicated to delivering only the highest qualities and the highest of ingredients. We are committed to consumer satisfaction and enthusiasm and our products are a reflection of our passion.
 1. We have a skin-matching system designed to find the right product for each customer
 2. Only safe and high-quality are used to create our products
 3. Continuous research is conducted to keep our products technologically relevant