The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) system used by ES Global Corporation allows the company to meticulously monitor the manufacturing, from content development to product design (container, packing materials, and etc) and all the steps of production, management, and shipment. This is due to the participation at the early stages of manufacturing from the laboratory and the product planning department.

Mass Production Expertise Includes: Basic Cosmetics/ Mask Sheets/ Body Products/ Hair Products/ Cleanser Products/ Functional Cosmetics/ Massage Pack Products.
Qualifier Enforcement by Each Step: Material QA - Subsidiary Material QA - Bulk QA - Complete Product QA - Microorganism QA - Analysis QA - Shipment Examination QA

OEM: Operating through the Original Equipment Manufacturer system, we are able to concentrate solely on production, which ultimately allows for the manufacturing of high-quality products that are associable with the preceding values of the brand we have emphasized over the years.

ODM: Operating through the Original Design Manufacturer system, we entail the manufacturing company to produce and deliver to the ordering company, which in turn is responsible for the distribution of our products. This method allows for ES Global Corporation to minimize errors and efficiently distribute our products in a timely manner.